Presentation Title: Live Mobile and Cloud Hacking by ACEs Using an OFM 12c Red Stack
Speaker: Mr Ronald van Luttikhuizen Oracle ACE Director
Company: eProseed
Co-presenter: Lonneke Dikmans - eProseed, ACE Director, speaker award winner
Luc Bors - eProseed, ACE Director
Steven Davelaar - Oracle
Wilfred van der Deijl - The Future Group, ACE Director
Presentation abstract: 
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Want to know more about Oracle's Cloud products and how they work together and can be integrated into enterprise solutions? Interested in live development rather than slides? If so, join our Live Cloud Hacking Session on Super Sunday!

In this session Oracle ACEs and A-Team members will develop a conference application that can be used by conference attendees and administrators to schedule sessions, register for sessions, track attendance and notify attendees in case of changes. The following Cloud products and technologies are used to build the conference app:

  • Java Cloud Service (JCS): Oracle's Java PaaS for rapid, self-service provisioning of the Oracle WebLogic Server in the Cloud

  • Mobile Cloud Service (MCS): MCS provides secure mobile access to all your data and applications

  • Process Cloud Service (PCS): Collaborative set of tools for modelling business processes and decisions

  • JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET): Oracle's framework for JavaScript UI development

  • Mobile Application Framework (MAF): Hybrid mobile framework that enables developers to rapidly develop applications and deploy to both Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms

Each of the presenters will introduce one of these Cloud Products or technologies and show how development and deployment is done. The front-end applications are built using MAF and JET and include features such as push notifications, location aware services using iBeacons, and advanced data visualizations. MCS is used to expose back-end services as secured, optimized, and mobile-friendly APIs that are consumed by the mobile and desktop apps built in MAF and JET. The back end that provides services and exposes the conference data runs on JCS and uses EclipseLink JPA and JAX-* to expose RESTful and SOAP Web Services. The conference data is stored in Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS). PCS and its Workspace are used to model, deploy, and run the process for conference sessions.

After this session you have a good understanding of various Oracle Cloud products and technologies, and maybe even more importantly how they can be used together to rapidly create and deploy enterprise applications. The audience is encouraged to interact with the presenters and ask questions.

Presentation begins: 06/12/2015 12:30
Presentation duration: 110
Presentation content level: 3 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: All Experience Levels
Audience function: Functional Manager, Partner, Product Expert, Product User
Speaker biography: Ronald is a Fusion Middleware expert and Managing Partner at eProseed NL. He has experience in IT in various roles such as coach, architect, (lead) designer/developer, analyst, and team lead. Ronald focuses on information and solution architectures in SOA and BPM environments. Ronald is a frequent blogger, author and presenter at national and international conferences. Ronald is Oracle ACE Director for Middleware & SOA.
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Hall: Executive Room 7